Barcelona is one of our suggested cities for your choral activities and travel interest in Spain. Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain as its international airport is very well connected with the rest of the European main cities. It is located close to France, by the Mediterranean and has many important surrounding areas such as the Costa Brava (northern coast between France and Barcelona) and the Pyrenees
We will suggest you several options in Barcelona for different length:

Barcelona 4 days

Welcome in Barcelona! Art and culture buffs will find Barcelona to be a very fascinating destination.  You will stay three days in Barcelona so that we can enjoy the many important historical attractions of this very popular city.

Barcelona & Catalonia  6 days

The city of Barcelona is a historical and cultural feast. It has room for both the sophisticated art enthusiast and the fun-loving tourist. Each visit to the city’s cultural destinations leaves you with the feeling of delight.  and perform in  cities Barcelona  and  Girona.


Welcome in Spain! No other country in Europe offers visitors so many opportunities to experience local dance, music, and traditions. Spain is also one of the most diverse and visually stunning countries in Europe.