Adile Sultan Palace


The palace was built for the Ottoman princess Adile Sultan (1826–1899), the daughterof Sultan Mahmud II (1789–1839) and the sister of the Sultans Abdülmecid I 1823–1861) and Abdülaziz (1830–1876), and designed by the court architect Sarkis Balyan. It was erected on the same place of a  kiosk , which was presented to her by Sultan Abdülmecid in 1856. The palace was commissioned by Sultan Abdülaziz and built by Balyan in 1861. It stands at one of the most prominent places in Istanbul, upon a hill, which is a  headland  in the middle of  Bosphorus  on the  Asian shore. This location enablesa panoramic view of Bosphorus, reaching from the Sea of Marmara  to the  Black Sea , seen out of all the rooms in three sides of the building. The palace with has 55 rooms and is on a ground of 17,000 m².

Program: Director’s choice of repertoire (2 songs + final song) | 1 hour 30 minutes

Esma Sultan Mansion

Church of the Annunciation

The Esma Sultana Mansion (Turkish: Esma SultanYalısı), a historical yalı (English: waterside mansion) located at Bosporus in Ortaköy neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey and named after its original owner Esma Sultana, is used today as a cultural center after being redeveloped. 

The mansion remained in the possession of the Ottoman dynasty until 1915. The building was used first as a tobacco warehouse and then as a coal depot from 1920 until 1975, when it was destroyed by a fire. The ruin, consisting only of the outer walls of the building, was purchased in the early 1990s by The Marmara hotel chain.  Following a renovation with additions designed by architect Gökhan Avcıoğlu, the mansion was opened in 2001 as a multipurpose event venue. With in the brick exterior, which was left as the original, a steel and glass structure is incorporated. The building includes a bar, a restaurant, and an event hall at several levels. The building is situated in a garden of 2,226 m2

Program: A Cappella | 2 hours 30 minutes.

The Cistern of a Thousand and One Columns

Binbirdirek Cistern which is the second largest of the covered  Byzantine  cisterns in  Istanbul  was built during the timeof  Justinian  the Great in the 6th century. This amazing cistern with 224  columns had the capacity of holding 50.000 cu. meters water.

The cistern of the palace belonging to Philoxenus, a senator who had been sent from Rome to settle in this newly-founded city in the reign of Constantine I is considered to be that referred to as 'Binbirdirek Sarnici' (The Cistern of a Thousand and One Columns), and the water drained away from it many years ago. Located to the west of the Hippodrome, It was recently cleaned and connected with a gallery to the side street. Now the cistern, measuring 64 by 56 meters, is an easily accessible, interesting and beautiful site to visit. Binbirdirek was built in the 4th century during the reign of Constantine the Great, and historical sources state that binbirdirek is the oldest known cistern found in Istanbul , is interesting in terms of its excellent interior design and also because the columns , all of which are equal in length, must have been hewn with this structure in mind. There is a thick overlapping astragal running round the columns carrying the vaults and arches. Their capitals, on the other hand, are in the form of a truncated pyramid and are without decoration. Of the 224 original columns, 212 are still standing. The thick walls of the cistern, the brick vaults, the columns in two tiers bound together by stone ties, and the plain column capitals create an impressive atmosphere. During the renovation work small booths for vendors, a cafe, and exhibition areas were constructed, and the hollow section in the middle of the cistern was cleaned of mud to show the original height of the columns.

Program: A Cappella | 2 hours 30 minutes.

Saint Antoine Church

villa angolina

Saint Antoine Church is in Beyoglu, on Istiklal Street, on the left hand side from Galatasaray to Tunel.  The construction began in 1906 and it was completed and opened to service in 1912. Its architect is Giulio Mongeri, who was born in Istanbul. The church which was governed by Italian priests is the greatest Catholic Church in Istanbul with the biggest number of congregation.

Saint Antoine Church which is located in the center of a courtyard is entered through the gate on the roadside between two apartment buildings which were built to provide funding for the church. The church was built by concrete, and has neogothic style.

Program: Sacred | 4 hours 30 minutes.

Community Venues

Your choir may choose to perform in a community setting such as a senior citizen center, or church. These concerts afford wonderful opportunities to connect with local people in a more informal atmosphere.

Program for church services: Sacred and most often 4 pieces - Processional | Communion |Offertory | Recessional

*A piano or keyboard can be provided by prior arrangement (rental fees may apply).