Central Park, Cluj-Napoca

The “Old Casino”, located in the “Simion Barnutiu” Central Park, is a Viennese-style palace that has been recently renovated.  It hosts many of the spectacular cultural and artistic events in Cluj-Napoca, the beautiful capital of the Transylvania region.

The palace, a monument in itself, was built in the late 19th century in an eclectic Viennese style,  by the famous architect Pakey Lajos (also architect of the New York Hotel, known also as the Continental Hotel, the Museum of Industry – today the building of the Technical University etc.) Over time, the building has served as Casino, Museum, Fine Arts School and restaurant. The local authorities of Cluj-Napoca restored the monument using European funds. Today, the palace is destined to serve the arts and culture, hence the new name that was bestowed on it: Centrul de Cultura Urbana Casino (The Casino Urban Culture Centre).

Program: A Cappella | Holiday Repertoire| 2 songs + final song 

Turda Salt Mine

Church of the Annunciation

Nestled in a protected area in Turda, Romania is the only place where you can go see a concert, play soccer (football) ride a carousel underground, and take a nice relaxing swim in therapeutic mineral waters. Prior to 1840, the Turda Salt Mine was one of the most important in Transylvania and was then eclipsed by the Ocna Mures mine.  Salt was still being extracted at depth until 1862.  Electricity was installed in the mine/shaft in 1910 and the extraction shaft was used as a cheese storage room from 1948-1992.  Following this, it was opened to tourists and development began. The surrounding area is considered “protected” land and includes the mine, 140ha of developed land and spa (which was created in 1840 as salt baths)..

Program:   A Cappella | Holiday Repertoire