St. Mary’s Church


Every hour, you can hear the bugle call to the four corners of the world from the tower of St. Mary’s Church. Another highlight of Cracow is the Wawel Castle. In its 71 magnificent rooms with 7.040 sq. meters of floor space, several thousand work of art of greatest value are on display. The most valuable of all the works of art in the Wawel collection are the Arras tapestries. Wawel Cathedral used to be the scene of coronations and is the eternal resting place of the kings of Poland. Wawel hill is dominated by the Cathedral, the Castle and the defense towers. In the Sigismund Tower hangs the largest bell in Poland, called “Zygmunt”. The Renaissance Sigismund Chapel by the Cathedral, roofed with pure gold, is an absolutely unique architectural monument.

Program: Sacred | 20 min each choir 

Wieliczka Salt Mines

The Saint Kinga’s Chapel of Wieliczka Salt Mines is the most impressive and opulent of underground temples. The chamber,carved in a block of salt, has been a place of worship since 1896. The chapelornamentation has been created over a period of more than a hundred years. From late 19th century until 1963, the sculpting was conducted by self-taught miners-sculptors, Józef and Tomasz Markowski and Antoni Wyrodek.  Their work is continued by the new generation of miners, who create new sculpting projects. Sculptures which decorate the chapel wall sare New Testament scenes.  Closest to the stairs, on the right, the Jesus Before Herod and Massacre of the Innocents reliefs are to be seen, and above them, a Nativity scene. Slightly further, the Chapel of Madonna and Child, with the depiction of God the Father atop, is to be seen, as well as the Flight Into Egypt relief, and above it, Christ Falling Under the Cross. 

Program: Director’s choice of repertoire (2 songs + final song) | 2 hour