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Helga Dukarić Dangubić


Helga Dukarić Dangubić, professor, an excellent adviser and choirmaster. Graduated in musical culture at the Faculty of Education in Pula. She is a high school music teacher and an art director and conductor for the mixed singing choir “Rijeka – Sempre Allegro” and the Joint choir of the Andrija Mohorovičić Gymnasium and the First Rijeka Croatian Gymnasium. On the 1st of April 2016 The Croatian Choral Directors Association rewarded her with the professional title Maestra mentor of the Croatian Choral Directors Association for achieving lasting results of high artistic level.  She has achieved impressive success in the past and she participated in numerous national and international festivals and competitions. For all of her accomplishments she was awarded two awards for the best conductor one in 2018 on the International Choir Competition “Istramusica”  and the other in 2020 on the 2nd International Choral Comptetition “Istria cantat“.