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Camilo Santostefano is the founder and Choir Director of the MusicaQuantica Voces de Cámara, awarded with a multitude of prizes around the world: Grand Prix Ave Verum (Austria 2012), Grand Prix Florilège Vocal de Tours (France 2012), Finalist of the ‘European Grand Prix (Italy 2013), IFCM Ambassador (South Korea 2014), as well as numerous awards in their country of origin in Argentina. In addition, Camilo was Director of the Choir National School of Buenos Aires as well as of its Chamber Choir Amadeo Jacques.  Mr. Santostefano holds Bachelor of  Choral Conducting degrees from the National University of the Arts of Buenos Aires, Music Professor specializing in Guitar (Conservatory of Music of Morón "Alberto Ginastera", Argentina) and Master in Interpretation of Latin American Music of the 20th Century (National University of Cuyo, Argentina).  Since 2019, Camilo resides in Austria, where he conducted between 2019 and 2020 the Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen, with which he won the Gold medal at the International Choral Celebration and Competition in Salzburg 2019 (Austria). Since 2021 he is also the Choir Conductor of Melange Vocal mixed choir.