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Michele Josia

Michele Josia is a multi-awarded, Emmy Award-winning composer, whose work encompasses film soundtracks and choral and orchestral works. Far more than merely a composer, he's also a well-known choir conductor. With his ensemble, he won several first prizes and special awards in national and international choral competitions (Skofja Loka, Maribor, Bad Ischl, Riva del Garda, Bratislava) as well as getting official awards by the government of Slovenia. He was assistant conductor of Fabrizio Barchi, Stojan Kuret, Ursa Lah and co-founder with Mauro Marchetti of the Italian – Slovenian choir “Vocalkor”. With a background experience gained in more than 20 years, Josia has assets of more than 190 concerts in Europe, including the direction and performances of his compositions in renowned international competitions (Maribor, Varna, Tolosa, Vittorio Veneto) as well as in important concert halls such as the Slovenian Philharmonic Hall, the “Cankariev Dom” in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the Mozarteum Concert Hall in Salzburg and the Beijing Philharmonic Hall. With his ensembles, as conductor, assistant conductor and composer of concert music and soundtracks for films, he recorded 22 CDs. He was attending masterclasses in choral conducting with Stojan Kuret (Slovenia), Peter Hanke (Denmark) and Gary Graden (USA).He is often appointed as a jury member in composition competitions and in international choral competition contests, as well as lecturer in choral conducting and film music masterclasses. In December 2011, his music was performed by the renowned American composer, conductor and Grammy Award winner Eric Whitacre. A polyhedric and multi-talented musician, Josia combines his academic knowledge of orchestration, composition, human voice and choirs, with the today’s new technology of digital instruments, which perfectly match with visual images. Among his works, Josia collaborated as choir conductor assistant with Ennio Morricone in the preparation of the soundtracks of films such as “Vatel”, directed by Roland Joffè, “Aida degli alberi” (Aida of the trees) by G. Manuli, “Padre Pio tra cielo e terra” (Padre Pio between Heaven and earth) by Giulio Base, “La Piovra 10” by Luigi Perelli, and also in “Giuseppe di Nazareth”, directed by Raffaele Mertes, with music by Marco Frisina. Up to now, Michele Josia wrote 42 soundtracks from documentaries to short films, medium length films and feature films. Josia won 32 film industry awards, including an Emmy Award, several Global Music Awards and the World Entertainment Award, and 34 music awards as composer and conductor. Furthermore, Michele Josia is the artistic director of the International Choral Competition "Musica Eterna Roma", member of the International Film Music Society of China, member of the Italian Film Academy (2009-2019), founding member and former Vice-president of the International Choral Conductors Federation, member of the European Film Academy for the European Film Awards and member of the Academy of Television Arts & Science (Emmy), Suncoast Chapter (U.S.A.).